Volunteer to Receive up to
80% of Your Sales with BDFL!

Volunteer shifts will OPEN to registered consignors Monday, 7/22/19 at 9pm and the schedule will be expanded at 9pm Monday evenings after this date until the week before the sale (Mon 7/29 & Mon 8/5).

Benefits of Volunteering

 BDFL VOLUNTEERS Shop Early On Presale Day!

An event like this relies on volunteers to make it happen. Help is needed with all kinds of tasks: setting up racks, inspecting items, putting items out on the sales floor, helping customers during the sale, and breaking down when the sale is over. There are morning, afternoon and evening shifts during the week and on Saturday.  There are even shifts for your husband!


Best Dressed for Less has organized our volunteer structure to allow as many consignors as possible to volunteer.

IMPORTANT! All consignors will be prompted to agree to the Volunteer Agreement PRIOR to choosing the first volunteer shift.  Because BDFL shifts tend to fill quickly and the shift you desire might be full if you take too long to say "YES", a copy of the agreement is available for you to read on the Consignor Homepage by clicking  on the Worker Agreement Status .  After saying "YES" to the agreement, you will only be assigned IF the shift is still open.  Please read the agreement carefully to be sure you understand your commitment.

Volunteer shifts will OPEN to registered consignors Monday, July 22nd at 9pm and the schedule will be expanded at 9pm Monday evenings after this date until the week before the sale (7/29 & 8/5). If you find the shift you desire is full one week, be certain to check back for new openings. Shifts fill quickly.  Logging in at 9PM is your best opportunity to get the shifts you want. 
We will not have a volunteer shift waiting list since volunteer openings will be offered on a regular basis in the weeks leading up to the sale.

All consignors earn a base 60% of their sales (without volunteering).  As a consignor, you can earn additional commission by volunteering for a maximum of 4 volunteer shifts:

We are also holding two special drawings for our three and four shift volunteers. 

There will be very few people who can commit this level of involvement (12-16 hours) so your odds of winning will be very good!

As a reward for your time, we have a special Volunteer Presale.
You get the first chance at great deals!!!

All Consignors are automatically eligible volunteers (just log in).
It’s easy to choose a shift with our online schedule.

Click here to view our volunteer schedule


Types of Positions Available

SET-UP OR BREAK-DOWN requires some heavy lifting, carrying or building… Men ONLY are appreciated on these shifts! Sending a husband counts as a shift for a consignor! We need MANY volunteers during break-down to help take down and load the racks and equipment and move out of the space.  Set up is done on Monday of sale week from 9am - 1pm and breakdown is done on Saturday of sale week from 5:30-9.  Email kris@bestdressedsale.com if your husband is available (even if the schedule says full!).


requires someone attentive to detail and capable of inspecting large quantities of children's clothing for stains and flaws and checking other types of items are in working order.  Putting items out on the sales floor requires someone familiar with the variety of items used/worn by infants, toddlers and children and able to locate the "department" on the sales floor to place the items.  PLEASE READ!  CLARIFICATION REGARDING "SUBSTITUTE" VOLUNTEERS:  To earn an additional 5% commission on your consignor number for a shift, your name and number must appear on the schedule, but it is fine to send another family member (a substitute 18 years or older) to complete the shift as long as they are CAPABLE of performing the specific job of INSPECTOR/ ITEM PUT OUT as described above.  Please note: if your name is under an Inspection/ item put out shift, that is what you or your sub will be doing.  Please only send your husband or father for an inspection/item put out shift if he is willing and able to do the job described above.

ORGANIZERS take a pile of similar items from drop off and turn them into an organized and easy to shop display.  If you love to organize, this job is for you.

DRIVEWAY volunteers help unload cars and direct traffic to keep everything moving at drop off.  Safety vest will be provided. Males preferred. Only those volunteers on the schedule as DRIVEWAY will be assigned to the driveway.  In order to keep drop off moving and on schedule we rely on volunteers doing the job their name is listed for.  See more details above or on the Consingor Library page under the volunteer articles.  Thank you for your cooperation to help drop off run smoothly.

ALL Drop Off Volunteers MAY NOT choose a drop off appointment that is 15 minutes before or anytime during their scheduled shift. Please choose an appointment that does not conflict with your volunteer shift.  Email kris@bestdressedsale.com if you are having trouble finding and appointment that is convenient to your shift.


As a MERCHANDISER your job will be to assist customers, answer questions and keep the merchandise neat in designated departments (clothes, toys, shoes, furniture).

As a BAGGER, you will be able to talk to customers at checkout while bagging things up.

As a GREETER, you will be posted at the front entrance, greeting customers as they enter the sale.

SECURITY: Send your husband to work a volunteer shift as part of our security team.

We can not allow babies or children under 18 to accompany anyone during a volunteer shift for safety reasons.  Please think about sending your mom or husband to work a shift in your place if you cannot volunteer, or as an additional shift for yourself. If your mom or husband will be volunteering for you, please send an email to kris@bestdressedsale.com with your names and assigned shift choices (after completing the online schedule) so we know who to expect.

Click here to view our volunteer schedule



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