Don't Get Rejected! A Few Words About BDFL Inspection

Friday, August 28, 2015

We found many consignors this sale did not thoroughly read our instructions about
"How to Prepare Your Items" on our website and in emails. The guidelines we have in place
for item prep are VERY important and must be read and followed by all consignors. As a result,
many consignors had items rejected at drop off last sale. Want some tips so your consigned
items are accepted at inspection? Check out the list below! The main reasons items
were rejected are:

1. Items hung on hangers backward
Top of hanger must look like a question mark when viewing front of item.
2. Items on plastic hangers
We ONLY accept clothing items hung on wire hangers.
3. Clothing more than 6 years old
We do not accept ANY clothing items more than 6 years old.
4. Items from our :Not Accepted List
It is important that all consignors are familiar with our Accepted / Not Accepted Item list. We do not accept used sippy cups, baby bottles, used socks, crib bedding sets, baby bath tubs and more.
5. Pants not Safety Pinned to Wire Hanger Properly
All pants MUST BE safety pinned to the top arc of the hanger - DO NOT use cable ties, ribbon or rubber bands to attach pants to hangers.
6. Junior Girls / Young Mens Clothing Not Name Brand
We accept ONLY name brand clothing in Junior Girls & Young Mens Sizes - No adult clothing.
7. Grouping More than 4 Clothing Pieces in a Set
Consignors may group a MAXIMUM of 4 CLOTHING PIECES (2 tops 2 bottoms) in a set with one pricetag.
8. Clothing packaged in zip loc bags
All clothing items MUST be on wire hangers. Clothing in zip loc bags can not be inspected.
BDFL consignors who have one (or more) of the issues above with their consigned items at drop off receive an email from us.

We want to do our part to ensure that EVERYONE understands our guidelines and has a GREAT and PROFITABLE experience consigning with BDFL.

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