Best Dressed for Less Shopper Tips

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Here are some tips for shopping, saving and keeping your sanity when shopping Best Dressed for Less Kids Consignment Event

Know where you are going: 
Our event takes place at the Life Center at Fountain of Life Church 2035 Columbus Rd., Burlington Township NJ

Know our sale hours: We are open to the public and anyone can shop during the following days and hours during sale week. Thursday 9am-8pm, Friday 9am-8pm and Saturday 10am-2pm (many items half off Sat)

Have time to spare.
Slow down and really look, not just fly through the racks. There are 50,000 items to choose from.

Wear the right shoes
. Simple but often overlooked. Our sale venue is HUGE and you will be on your feet for a good amount of time shopping.

Know what you need. Go through your kid’s closets the day before make a list, also put clothing & shoe sizes on your list.

Measuring your children is often better than knowing sizes.
A Gap size 3 isn’t the same as a Janie and Jack size 3 etc. You can bring an inexpensive measuring tape for each child (the paper ones from IKEA are perfect) in my purse with sharpie marking dress length, waist, foot size, and pant length. You won’t need to pull it out for every item but it will be there if needed.

Go early on opening day. If the sale starts at 9 am people line up at 8 am. I’m not kidding! The best equipment and clothing goes first. Often the first people in the door not only get great condition items, but they get great deals! Best Dressed for Less runs for three days only (three times a year) and our number one responsibility is to sell our consignors merchandise.  We are very good at our job and MANY items will be sold each day.  Please understand that if you are not shopping until the last day of our event you will not find the same huge selection we had on day one.

Be okay with lines. Please be prepared for a wait. You may wait to get in (on opening day) and to check out at our busiest times. Please be patient and kind.

Know your payment options:
We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard and Discover payments. We can accept debit cards as long as they have the Visa, MasterCard or Discover logo on them.

Please leave your children at home with a trusted caregiver.
Our sale can be crowded and sale hours run past bedtime.  The sale can be overwhelming (even for adults)! It is much easier to focus on finding amazing bargains without your kids in tow.

BDFL is stroller friendly!
  We allow all types of shopper strollers on the sales floor during all sale hours (even presale). No more wearing those babies or chasing a toddler. Our sales floor is VERY spacious and easy to navigate with any stroller.

Bring your own shopping bag. You will not be able to carry everything in your arms. We do provide shopping bags but can run out during the busiest times (presale night, public sale opening morning and half price day).

Still Shopping Closet (Hold Area): Shoppers may hold items you they plan on purchasing in our still shopping closet while they continue to shop. Please take the time to review all items in your bag BEFORE placing them on hold (to be sure you plan to purchase them). Shoppers may use our sorting tables on the back of the sales floor to go through your shopping bag..  Please return items you have decided against purchasing to a BDFL volunteer so they can put them back in the correct place (and another shopper has the opportunity to purchase them).

Visit our Testing Table Before Checking Out: We have a testing table in the back of our sales floor where you may bring any item you would like to inspect.  BDFL volunteers will open games, puzzles, books and more so you can be 100% sure you are happy with all purchases before buying.  Our policy is that ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

Large Item Claim Tickets: Any item too large to carry while shopping will have a large item claim ticket on it. If you would like to purchase that item you do not need to carry it with you.  Simply remove the bottom half of the perforated tag and leave the item where it is on the sales floor.  If you have this claim ticket you are the only one who can purchase this item. Do not lose your ticket or someone else could pick it up and purchase your item. This has really happened! When you pay for your other items you also hand your large items claim tickets to the cashier.  You will pay for all of your items, put your bags in your car, drive around to the back of the building with your receipt to the LARGE ITEM PICK UP AREA (follow the signs), present our volunteer with your receipt and load your large items.

Come back on Half Price Day (Saturday 10-2) Items that say REDUCE above the price on the bar coded tag will be half of the marked price on Saturday.


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