A Consignors Guide to Tagging Supplies

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Preparing your consigned items for Best Dressed for Less will go MUCH more smoothly when you have all of the tagging supplies you need on hand.  We don’t want Best Dressed for Less consignors to over spend on the items they need so we are providing this “tagging supply shopping list” so you know where you can get the least expensive (and best quality supplies).


        Items 1-5 below can all be purchased through BDFL and picked up in Burlington Township NJ.  We sell these tagging supplies to our consignors (at cost) to make the process simpler & less expensive. Some of these items are very difficult to find locally and not good quality if you are able to find them.  Orders can be placed by e-mailing supplies@bestdressedsale.com (be sure to include your full name, consignor number and order).

1.  Wire Hangers (100 hangers for $6.50 through BDFL)
Best Dressed for Less accepts only wire hangers for hanging items at our event.  This ensures that we can fit many more items on the sales floor and also creates a more pleasant shopping experience for shoppers (because all of the hangers are the same size).

Cardstock Paper for Tags (35 sheets for $3.50 through BDFL)  It is important that you use the proper weight cardstock paper to print your tags for BDFL.  You can find 90 lb cardstock in almost any store (Target, Walmart, Office Max) but you will have to buy a whole ream (250 sheets for $15) and spend much more than you need to participate in one BDFL sale.  BDFL sells packages of 35 sheets of cardstock for only $3.50. This is enough to print 210 tags.

3.  Safety Pins (200 Pins for $3.50 through BDFL)
– Although you can purchase safety pins at the dollar store and other stores like walmart we don’t recommend purchasing them there.  Often the pins at those stores come in packs with multiple sized pins and many of those pins are too small to securely hold your items on a hanger.  We have found that the pins that work best at our sale are the larger 1.5” size.  When consignors use safety pins that are too small their items fall off the hanger. Small pins are just not strong enough.  To solve this issue we purchase packaged of 200 1.5” safety pins for $3.50.

4. OPTIONAL Tagging Guns ($14 for one gun, instructions and 1,000 barbs through BDFL) –
Although you are not required to use a tagging gun, they are very convenient and can make tagging go very quickly.  We also like tagging guns because it discourages dishonest shoppers from switching tags – a safety pinned tag can be switched but one attached with a tagging gun cannot.

5.  OPTIONAL Replacement Barbs for Tagging Gun –( 500 barbs for $3.50 through BDFL)
If you have a tagging gun already and have run out of barbs you can always order more through BDFL.


        1. Cable Ties ($1 at Dollar Store)– Cable ties are great for securely attaching your tags to toys, bicycles and other items.  They are also great for securing pairs of shoes and keeping toy parts together. You can find cable ties at Home Depot or Lowes but they are much more expensive there than the Dollar Store.  If you visit your local dollar store you will be able to purchase a bag of 100 cable ties for only $1.

2. Large & XL Storage Bags ($1 at Dollar Store)– Large and XL Zip Loc Storage Bags are perfect for packaging multi-piece toys and packaging other large items at BDFL.  Unfortunately the “name brand” zip loc bags from Target, Home Depot or Lowes are very expensive.  The Dollar Tree or other dollar stores usually carry these bags in the laundry aisle.  They come in boxes of 3 L bags for $1 and 2 XL bags for $1

3. Gallon Sized Storage Bags ($1 at Dollar Store)–
 – These bags are also great for packaging smaller items like books or small toys at BDFL.  I find I can go through a few boxes when tagging my own personal items for the sale. You could just pick them up at your grocery store – but you will pay four times what you’d pay at the dollar store.  I recommend purchasing several boxes of these bags at the dollar store.  Each box has 14 bags and only costs $1

4. Packing Tape($1 at Dollar Store) Packing tape from the dollar store is not the best quality but it will be good enough for sealing bags closed and taping boxes so they can’t be opened.

5. Magic Erasers ($1 at Dollar Store)–
 – These are the BEST tool for cleaning and they work on all kind of items you might consign at BDFL.  You can use magic erasers to clean crayon and marker off toys and plastic furniture….you can even use them on shoes. 2 for $1 at the Dollar Store in the Cleaning Aisle

Plastic Wrap ($1 at Dollar Store)– This is a GREAT way to package board puzzles so that they can be seen and your pieces don’t get lost.  The dollar store is the best place to purchase plastic wrap…its only one third the cost of saran wrap from the grocery store.

If you have found any good deals on tagging supplies locally and are willing to share please post a comment with location and price below.

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