Aug 2016 Drop Off Kit Contest for Consignors

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Last sale we made some changes to our drop off procedure which were AMAZING! The process is now much faster and easier for everyone! We are REALLY excited about the new format, but it requires ALL (new and returning) consignors to do some reading, sorting and preparation BEFORE drop off. If you did not consign with us last sale it is VERY IMPORTANT that you print and read your drop off kit today!

Consignors who print and follow the NEW guidelines in our CONSIGNOR DROP OFF KIT will receive a pink ticket from our driveway volunteers at drop off.  The pink ticket means you have done a GREAT JOB following our new drop off instructions.  When you turn this ticket in at the check in table, you will be entered in a drawing to win a $50 Best Dressed for Less Gift Certificate.

What is even MORE exciting than a chance to win a $50 Best Dressed for Less Gift Certificate??  Knowing that you will be able to drop off your items in UNDER 25 minutes and will have the help of our driveway staff carrying your items to the inspection stations.  ONLY consignors who follow the guidelines in the BDFL CONSIGNOR DROP OFF KIT will be able to be helped by our driveway staff, so PLEASE READ and follow the guidelines.  This will be our procedure going forward, so the sooner we can get everyone familiar with the guidelines the faster and easier drop off will be for everyone.


Only one entry per consignor.

If you misplace your ticket between the driveway and the check in table,  another ticket will not be issued. 

Driveway volunteers will only give ticket to those with labeled cardboard boxes and clothing in tall kitchen “garment bags”. 

Absolutely no plastic bins will be considered for entry into drawing. 

Anyone found to have items in labeled cardboard boxes but not sorted properly and/or clothing not sized properly will have their entry withdrawn from the contest. 

View and Print our DROP OFF KIT HERE in the Consignor Library!

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