10 Tips to Prepare for the Next BDFL sale

Monday, May 12, 2014

Best Dressed for Less (BDFL), South Jersey's Largest Kids Consignment Event, has 10 tips that will help you simplify the consigning process and get a head start on item prep for the next sale. At BDFL we are all about "working smarter not harder" and we want to help you be as efficient as possible when preparing to consign at our events.

TIP 1: Do not wait until the last minute to prepare.

A few minutes a week can help you have most of your item prep FINISHED well before inventory entry closes for the next BDFL sale.

TIP 2: Keep consigning supplies on hand year round.
Wire hangers,safety pins, zip-loc bags, cable ties and packing tape, medium sized cardboard boxes.. You won't be able to enter items into inventory or print tags until consignor registration has opened and you have registered for the next sale but you CAN get started on everything else.

TIP 3: Designate a "Consignment Storage Space".
When you have an item your children no longer want, need or fit... place it in your "consignment storage space".  This can be a spare closet that is out of the way, marked plastic storage bins (for spring and Fall sale),  or even a rolling rack in your basement.  A place the kids do not frequent is best. Every time you clean the playroom, clean a closet, or organize your garage place your items in your "consignment storage space".

Tip 4: Wash, Hang and Press
Anything you can do in advance is helpful. Experienced consignors wash and hang items for BDFL when changing clothing in their kids' closets for the seasons.  If you hang items as soon as they have been washed and dried often ironing is not necessary!

Tip 5: Quality Control
Check for stains, missing pieces (yes, you will need to count puzzle and game pieces), double check BDFL item limits and items accepted to be sure you remember everything! Sit in a bright window or even better outside and check to be sure items do not have stains.

Tip 6: Sort, Size and Group Like Items Together (as you go).
If you group items together in bins and boxes as you collect them for BDFL then all phases will be simpler. Example....take an hour and go through all of the kids bookshelves in your home. If you store all of the books destined for BDFL together in one box and group them into bags as necessary, all your books will be ready when registration opens. Having a box of items all in one category will make item entry super fast and will also save you the effort of sorting later before drop off.

Tip 7: When you see an amazing deal...buy it and consign it!
Too bad that amazing clearance item was not the right size for your kids...but don't forget that It can be a money maker! Halloween Costumes that are 75% off, amazing clearance items from Gymboree, Warehouse sale items from Lilly Pulitzer, MiniBoden and more. Keep in mind that infant sizes are not the best sellers. Items don't have to be brand new....it is yard sale season and if you know where to shop you can find some amazing re-sellable bargains to add to your consignment account.

Tip 8: Invest in some "Consignment Pro" tools.
Tagging guns and barbs, rolling 50 gallon tubs for storage and drop off and lightweight inexpensive rolling racks cost extra but make the process SO MUCH easier and faster. They are by no means a requirement, but many feel they are worth the extra expense especially when you consider all of the time they save you in the end.

Tip 9: Mark your items discount and donate.

Marking all items donate will enable you to participate in expedited "drop and donate" and also save time spent looking for unsold items at pick up. Discounting and donating is the most efficient way to participate in BDFL....less time spent waiting at drop off - no time spent looking for unsold items at pick up - higher sell through rate.  When your items are discounted you will earn more cash in return for all of your hard preparation work.  In addition you can print a donated item report after the sale which can be used as a charitable donation receipt (deduction) for your yearly taxes.  All BDFL donations go directly into the hands of Burlington County families in need through our charity Twin Oaks Community Service!

Tip 10: Follow BDFL on social media and TELL YOUR FRIENDS about our event
.....because the more you tell the more you sell!

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