Drop Off

Before Leaving Home

 *Check that all of your hanging items are
    properly tagged and prepared.

* Sort all clothing by gender & size.

* Sort all non-clothing items into cardboard boxes by Inspection Station
   (use box labels from DROP OFF KIT - find Kit in Consignor Library).  

* All hangers must face left (like a question mark).    

* Every item must have an attached tag with a bar code.

* All clothing items must be on a WIRE hanger (no other hanger types allowed)         

We recommend bringing your non hanging items in cardboard boxes and making garment bags for sized hanging item
piles with tall kitchen bags. This way you can skip
the bin pickup step and head directly home

Sorting & Sizing Clothing Items

Consignors who do not separate their items by gender and size SIGNIFICANTLY slow our ability to process each consignor at drop off.  All consignors MUST rubber band the hanger tops of sized & sorted clothing piles and cover with a tall kitchen garbage bag like a garment bag (see image to right ). Any consignors who have not pre-sorted their hanging items by size and gender will be required to park in front lot after bringing items in and come back to the drop off area to sort clothing before leaving.

Boxing Non-Hanging Items

Boxing smaller items like books, toys, shoes, accessories and games by inspection station (see list below) will help you quickly transport your items to the appropriate tables from your car.

For the fastest possible drop off, we recommend using cardboard boxes ONLY and box labels from our "DROP OFF KIT" (found in Consignor Library under Consign Tab) to transport your consigned non-hanging items.

Consignors who use plastic bins will need to park out front after unloading and wait for bins to be emptied before leaving.  If you must use plastic bins, remember to MARK your name and consignor number on bin and lids.

The more organized your items are when

you arrive, the quicker drop off will be

for everyone!

Detailed Instructions to Make Drop Off Quick & Smooth for Everyone (BDFL Drop Off is Drive Through)

1. FOLLOW THE SIGNS-  Once you turn into the Life Center Complex there will be DROP OFF signs leading you to the BACK of the building.  Once you are through the small side lot you will be on a gravel drive that will bring you to the roll up door.  A volunteer in a reflective vest will be directing you. Once you reach the cones, you can begin unloading. Please do not unload until you reach the cones at the front of the line.

2.  PULL UP and UNLOAD YOUR CAR- Carry all clothing and boxes to the inspection tables inside. IF you have labeled your boxes this process should be VERY fast and our driveway volunteers will be able to help you transport your items. Please pack your items so you will be able to carry them about 50 feet to the inspection tables.

3. CHECK IN - There will be a consignor check in table located inside the roll up door. Please check in at the table and get your presale pass AFTER you unload your car and place all of your items at the appropriate inspection stations (see list below).

4.  BRING YOUR ITEMS TO APPROPRIATE INSPECTION STATIONS. To expedite drop off  there will now be 6 different stations for inspection. Consignors must arrive with non-hanging items grouped and labeled by inspection station in cardboard boxes. All hanging clothing must be grouped by size and gender, hangers rubber banded and covered with tall kitchen bag garment bags. Clothing does not need to be boxed, just covered with tall kitchen garment bags.

Bringing only cardboard boxes that are labeled

and sorted by inspection station will enable our driveway

staff to HELP YOU unload and bring your boxes

to the correct inspection station quickly.

Consignors who do not label and sort items

in cardboard boxes must unload and place

all items at inspection tables ON THEIR OWN

and inspection will take MUCH LONGER.

Inspection Station Categories are as follows:

5. INSPECTION - All items will be inspected.  If you brought plastic bins, you must park your car in the front lot and come back in to claim them. You may need to wait for your bins to be emptied and help put out non-clothing items.  We recommend bringing your non clothing items in cardboard boxes. Sized piles of hanging items must be rubber banded at the hanger hook and covered with garment bags made from tall kitchen bags. This way you can skip waiting for bins and head directly home. Any unacceptable items will be available AFTER the sale ends during pick up on marked racks. Please do not be upset or offended if some of your items are rejected. It is easy to overlook a small flaw when preparing a large number of items for the sale.

6. LARGE ITEMS (Inspection Station 2) - Large items will be received through the back door and do not need to be boxed (this is why there is no label in the drop off kit for inspection area #2). Please bring large items with bar coded tags attached.  If you have large items that need assembly, you will need to park in the front lot, enter the building and come back to the large item tagging table in the back of the gym to complete assembly of your items. 


SATURDAY EVENING - August 17th, 4 pm-6 pm
(must arrive to pick up by 5:30pm - no exceptions)

                    Prices are as follows:
100 wire hangers = $6.50
200 2 inch safety pins = $3.50
35 sheets of 90 lb cardstock paper (enough to print 210 BDFL tags) = $3.50
Tagging Gun with 1,000 plastic barbs = $14.00
Replacement Barbs for Tagging Gun (500) = $3.50 - See more at: http://www.bestdressedsale.com/consign-itemprep.htm#sthash.JXqfmCkY.dpuf

            200 2 inch safety pins = $3.50

            35 sheets of 90 lb cardstock paper
            (enough to print 210 BDFL tags) = $3.50

             Tagging Gun with 1,000 plastic barbs = $14.00

            Replacement Barbs for Tagging Gun (500) = $3.50

            100 wire hangers = $6.50

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