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Anyone can CONSIGN...Everyone will SAVE !

Best Dressed for Less is a consignment event selling gently used name brand children's clothing, shoes, books, toys, equipment, furniture, and more. We have almost everything you could need for your children at a small fraction of the price you would pay in a retail store. Our merchandise is screened carefully. Worn, damaged or stained items are removed from the sale and returned to the consignor. Our prices are great! Because Best Dressed for Less is NOT a consignment store and, we work hard to keep our low overhead costs down. Therefore, we are able to offer our consignors 60-80% of their total sales – and they can charge shoppers really LOW prices for their items.

Best Dressed for Less brings together shoppers and 500+ consignors in one location two times each year, for three days only. As a result, we have a large selection of 50,000 seasonal items in one place, at one time. Our computerized bar coding system enables parents to quickly and conveniently sell the children's things they no longer use to someone who needs them!   



If you are looking for amazing deals on gently used children's items, our sale is the place for you! No more hot summer weekends spent searching garage sales, no more long hours spent online at ebay. You will never need to shop at overpriced department stores again. We have organized everything in one location, just like a retail store – but without the high prices. Prepare yourself for 3 days of bargain shopping like you have never seen before.


Best Dressed for Less helps families with children's items to sell. Who doesn't have too many outgrown kids clothes, toys, and furniture stored in their garage or basement?  Yard sales and eBay require a lot of time and effort but do not always bring a large profit.  Have you ever tried taking your kids clothes to a consignment store just to have them pick and choose a few items...sending the rest back home?  Selling with Best Dressed for Less is simple.  All you do is create your bar coded tags online, hang and tag your items, drop them off and wait to receive your earnings via electronic PayPal payment! Consignor Registration for Spring 2020 Sale Will Open February 3rd 9am for Returning Consignors and Feb 10th 9am for First Time Consignors.

Consignor earnings will be paid through PayPal in August 2019. Electronic payments are safer, faster & more efficient.  It is the Consignor's responsibility to be sure the email used in the BDFL system matches PayPal or is connected to the PayPal account where you want your money deposited. You can read much more about this change in the Consignor Library.

We are happy to offer a Half Price Presale for all volunteers (regardless of number of shifts completed). Be sure to sign up for a VOLUNTEER shift so you can participate.  Volunteer shift schedule opens July 22nd at 9pm. 


Let Tags N' Pins Consignment Tagging Service do all of the work, while you clear out the clutter, collect a check & shop the private presale!  Visit the Tags N' Pins website today for details.

Donation reports are not available online until checks for that sale have been mailed. If you view a donation report while a sale is in progress (before any donations have actually been made) you may see your donation report from a previous sale. Please note: ONLY items marked DONATE in inventory will appear on a donation report.  Items you did not mark donate but chose not to pick up will NOT be on your report. - See more at: http://www.bestdressedsale.com/faq.htm#sthash.MdyhDQrS.dpuf




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